Pacific Northwest & Travel

Loving Humans - Through Photographs

Hi! I cannot wait to meet, connect, & create with you! The goal of my business is to make your visions come to life & to be able to tell your story. I will get to know & love you through these photographs. My plan is always to capture love with intention & purpose as an artist.

Thank YOU for trusting me <3

THE friendly FACE BEHIND THE camera :)

Hi friends! My name is Ashtyn your very own personal hype man!

I will practically do anything to get the shot and I love going on adventures!

This process should be easy AND fun! There is NO awkwardness because I am fantastic at giving directions and prompts. I will not say, "pretend I'm not here". Instead, I will give you a task like, "play tag" or "booty bump your partner". Before the session, we will have already discussed your vision which will guide me throughout your session! YOU ARE PERFECT so no need to fret! We are a team.

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